Know More About Trust Seals And Logos

ValidSafeTrust is one of the most important aspects of running a business. Without providing reliable and effective services, clients will not trust your business nor purchase your items. That is why trust seals and logos are the perfect answer.

What are trust seals?

Trust seals are like stamps of approval that are provided by an independent third party vendor. These trust seals are placed on websites to promote confidence and trust to their visitors.

Different types of trust seals you can choose from

Business site trust seal – This type of seal proves that the company has reliability, credibility, and trustworthiness for their customers

Security site trust seal – This type of seal proves that all information of clients is secured and safe from online threats as they give them to your company.

Privacy site trust seal – This seal proves that the company will not sell or disclose any information customers provide to a third party without permission.

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Top Causes For Turf Damage

turf protectionDid you know that there are several ways for the turf to get damaged? A lot of these damages can be attributed to human error. Here is a short post showing the list of the top causes for turf damage.

Mowing: The wrong height of cut, the frequency of cut, the use of dull mowers are all contributors to the damage of the lawn.

Chemicals: Even when chemicals can remove the pests, some chemical content may eventually lead to the destruction of the lawn when the soil absorbs these chemicals.

Diseases and Fungus: Fungi and diseases can cause the grass to be unhealthy and therefore it damages the turf.

Gasoline and Oil: This is more of a human factor. The biggest mistake that a lot of turf owners make is when they refill the mowers with gasoline or oil right on the turf. The soil absorbs the gasoline and oil. This leads to unsuccessful reseeding.

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DIY Garden Fertilizers To Improve Your Soil

SLCLawnServicesFertilizing is one of the most essential tasks when improving lawns. With the right fertilizer, you can be sure that you can make your lawns greener and healthier. That is why more and more homeowners opt for fertilizers offered by reliable suppliers. However, in case that you are planning to go green with regard to fertilizers, here is a list of DIY garden fertilizers you should know.

Coffee grounds

It is known to be one of the best fertilizers for your lawns since it can provide nutrients like calcium, magnesium, and nitrogen. This can also help improve PH levels in your soil. It can also attract earthworms that can help aerate the soil.

Wood Ash

For acidic soil, making use of wood ash is the most effective option. This is possible since wood ash can provides potassium and magnesium to the soil that will reduce its PH levels. However, bear in mind to make use of untreated and stain-free woods since treated woods can kill your plants.

Grass clippings

Grass clippings can also help improve your soil since it can replenish nitrogen in your soil. Therefore, you do not need to throw away those clippings after trimming or cutting. Grass clippings are also good when creating compost pile.

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Property Investment 101

property investmentProperty investment is the act of purchasing a property for the purpose of selling or leasing to gain profit. Real estate is a great investment vehicle. In fact it is one of a more secure form of investment than investing in equities. The only challenge in property investment is liquidity. This is not something you can liquidate immediately at a high value.

People who plan to venture into real estate investment have to consider two primary things:

Capital: There are many choices for investment properties. The question is do you have enough capital to purchase the property in full? Or do you have the capacity to take out a loan to purchase the property and pay mortgage?

Location: When investing in a property, location is a very important factor. The gain or profit you make will be influenced by where the investment property is located. It is ideal to invest in a property that is situated in a developing area, as it will definitely increase in value the moment the development is complete.

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Interesting Facts Regarding Dogs

Dancing DogDid you ever wonder how dogs can drink a lot by just sticking out their tongue and touching the water? Actually, dogs drink water by forming the back of their tongue into a mini cup.

Most people say that hyenas are species of dogs. They aren’t. So what are they? Well, they are more closely related to cats.

Perhaps you have observed that the nose of dogs is wet. This actually helps in determining which direction a smell is coming from.

Service dogs are being trained to know if they are on duty. If the harness is on, they are aware that it is duty time; however, when the harness is taken off, it’s time for them to play and have fun.

Similar to humans, dog do not want to be hugged. In fact, for canines, putting a limb over them is a sign of dominance.

An average dog is considered as intelligent as a 2-year old child. Dogs are able to understand up to 250 words and gestures, can perform simple mathematical calculations, and can count up to five.

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