What’s The Difference Between Basketball And Netball?

If you talk about ball games, most people easily think of basketball. However, there’s actually another ball game that is slightly similar to it. It is called netball. Do you know the difference between basketball and netball?

First, basketball has five players on the court while netball has seven. And these seven players have their own posts and areas where they are only allowed to move inside the court.  And when it comes to movements, basketball players can run, jump, throw and catch and dribble a ball while netball players can do all these except dribbling. Since they are only given 3 seconds to either shoot the ball or pass it to their teammate, they need to think quick.

Although there are certain similarities and differences for both basketball and netball, each of them have this distinct appeal to people who love ball sports. These games are also best to keep in shape and stay physically fit.

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